Slime Sorcery


Become a slime master with my new DIY slime book, Slime Sorcery.  My slime book includes the best 100 borax free slime recipes. This book is the ultimate slime making how to guide!  I include never-before-seen slime recipes, crunchy sensory slime recipes, basic slime recipes, food-inspired slime recipes, edible slime recipes, glitter slime recipes, no glue slime recipes, and popular viral slime recipes.  Want to make floam slime, crunchy slime, soft-serve slime, galaxy slime, avalanche slime, fluffy slime?  With Slime Sorcery you can!  We have tried and tested all the slimes in this book and they are fail-proof.  Order your copy of my new book by clicking the links below or visit your local book retailer.

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